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The Art of Brushing: You Are An Artist

Friday, March 27th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Review steps needed to pick a brush to clean any medical device and vital skills and techniques to clean any medical device
  • Discuss anatomy of a brush and selecting the correct brush from your inventory
  • Identify the medical device to be cleaned and then examine the medical device to understand what you must clean
  • Understand the IFU for any specific brushes and the use of standards and guidelines when IFUs are vague


Optical Visual Inspection of Medical Devices

Friday, April 3rd 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Define visual inspection
  • Review the benefits of optical inspection of medical devices
  • Review various methods for optical inspection
  • Demonstrate examples of inferior cleaning exposed with the use of optical inspection


Monitoring the Cleaning Process

Friday, April 10th 2PM EDT with Stephen Kovach 


  • Understand that cleaning is a process that involves manual, automatic and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Outline that as a process, there are 9 inputs (factors), which produces an end result of a clean instrument
  • Identify that the result is that the medical instrument is clean, which is the objective measure of success
  • Understand the most recent AAMI Guidelines on monitoring the cleaning process


HOT TOPIC: State of the COVID-19 Nation

LIVE WEBINAR ONLY. No recording will be available after webinar. 

Friday, April 10th 4PM EDT with Dr. James Minor, formerly of the NIH 


  • The origins of coronaviruses and spectrum of diseases caused in humans and animals
  • Evolving strategies in the containment and management of nCOVID-19 disease
  • Challenges in combating this pandemic moving forward
  • Important educational resources for protecting and promoting public health


Attitude Touches Everything, But YOU Shouldn't

Friday, April 17th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Understand the power of attitude and how you get there
  • Define behavior from an attitude
  • Outline how to maintain a positive attitude
  • Describe how to motivate yourself
  • Understand “Gratitude in your attitude”


Bridging the Gap Between BioMed & CS

Friday, April 24th 2PM EDT with Jahan Azizi 


  • Describe the complexity medical devices and accessories
  • Outline Biomed roles in Medical Devices Management
  • Describe SPD role in processing accessories on medical devices used in procedures
  • Discuss human factor issues related to cleanability
  • Review reported problems